Can I Build My Website With Cobot?

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No, we deliberately do not offer a website builder as there are already amazing services available for that. Sites like Wordpress or Squarespace focus all of their energy on making great website builders, which means we can focus all of our energy on building the best coworking management system for flexible workspaces.

You can, however, incorporate Cobot into an existing website in two ways:

1) Embed your Signup Page URL, so your members are directed to all of your publicly visible plans. You can customize it to match your websites look and feel under Customize » Signup Page.

2) Embed a specific plan URL. These can be found under Setup » Plans.

To make that experience more seamless for your members, you can host Cobot on your own domain and change its colors to match your brand.


What is Cobot?

Cobot is a service for managing coworking spaces.

It includes member onboarding and management, invoicing, automatic payment processing and resource booking.

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