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When logged into Cobot in the admin view, click on Setup » Basic to enter your space’s basic information, such as your country and time zone, your billing info, payment settings and your space's terms and conditions.

You are able to change the name of your space, but not your subdomain as this is what we host your space under. If you wish to create a custom subdomain, go to Customize » Domain and follow this guide.

The email address field in this section should be the contact email address for members. Emails to members are also sent from this address and will be what members reply to when Cobot sends automated emails, etc.

These are the details we will use when we send you invoices for your Cobot subscription.

The email address entered here will be where we send your Cobot subscription invoice and can be different from your 'Basic Settings' email address.

Important Note: If you are part of the EU, there is a space for you to enter your UID (EU Tax ID). If entered, we will not charge you tax on your Cobot subscription invoices. If missing, we are required to charge you tax.

Here you can add the standard tax rate that will be applied to your membership plans, monthly extras, one-time charges, etc.

Enabling 'Custom tax rates' will allow you to apply varying tax rates to different items. For example: 10% on membership fees but 5% on monthly extras.

Enabling 'Multiple currencies' will allow you to use different currencies for resources, plans, and charges.

The toggle buttons labelled ”Net” and ”Gross” will display your prices with or without tax.

Here you can add your spaces Terms & Conditions for your members. When added to this section, they will be applied across all of your plans as the default T&C's. Your members will be prompted to accept these when they sign up.

If you ever need to make changes, you can edit them here and update them across all of your active members. By doing this, it will prompt your member to reaccept the next time they login to their Cobot member portal. This is what they will see:

If you wish to create custom Terms & Conditions for your member plans, you can do so in the 'Basic Settings' section of your plan setup.

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