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How can I send an invoice anytime?

Cobot is made to generate an invoice for each coworker once a month (or once every X number of months), collecting payment for membership fees, booking conference rooms, day passes, and any extra charges. In addition, you can create a free-form invoice at any time.

You can also create an invoice based on the current charges of a member. For example, if someone booked a meeting room today, you can send an invoice for that at any time instead of having to wait until your member's next invoicing date.

To create an invoice for current charges, go to the coworker's member profile and click on "Invoice current charges" in the drop-down menu of the Invoicing box.

On the following page you can select the charges you want to invoice:

Clicking the "Create invoice" button will do just that. You can now charge your member (if they have set up an automated payment method) as well as send them the invoice by clicking the links at the top of the invoice.


What is Cobot?

Cobot is a service for managing coworking spaces.

It includes member onboarding and management, invoicing, automatic payment processing and resource booking.

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