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Changing Plans

As an admin, you can set a member's plan to change immediately, at the end of their current subscription, or at any future date.

  1. Go to Manage > Members > member profile
  2. Click the drop-down menu by Plan and select Change Plan

  1. Choose the new plan the member will change to.
  2. At the bottom, you can set the change date and first invoice date.
  3. Click Change Plan and Cobot will switch to the new plan on that scheduled date.

Please note: The change date will default to the next scheduled invoice date for the member, but as an administrator you can also set it to be an immediate change or any date in the future. It is important to note that Cobot will not automatically compensate for any pro-rated invoicing or double-charged fees if you don't stay on the regular member billing cycle.

If you need to issue a credit for a future plan change:

  1. Go to the member's profile > Charges/Credits > drop-down > Add Charge/Credit*
  2. Under description, write something like "credit for plan change"
  3. Input a negative amount to provide a credit
  4. Select the same date as the plan change.
  5. Click Charge/Credit
  6. Now the credit will appear on the same invoice as the plan change.

Your member can also schedule their own plan change:

  1. From their main member page, select plan details
  2. Now select the desired plan by clicking the button change plan
  3. This will be automatically scheduled to change on the date of their next billing cycle, or after the cancellation date listed (if any) on the previous plan.

If your member is leaving, here's how you can cancel their membership.