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One of the first, and arguably most well accepted coworking space management tools


From managing user registrations and access to the space to online meeting room bookings, invoice generation, direct debit of member payments and the subsequent provision of receipts, tools such as Cobot can help make your job easier


I really love your software. It’s been so easy to use. Hey look at how our member count grew since we started!

The Hub Palm Beach

Cobot has found a way to strike the balance between functionality that helps a coworking space run (like analytics and billing support), but also paid careful attention to the needs of the people in the space

Alex Hillman

Cobot is a sleek, easy-to-use coworking space management software developed by [the coworking space] Co.up in Berlin


Probably my favorite, stable, and fully released coworking space member management tool to date

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Sam Bender

Sam Bender

Inglés, Alemán


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