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The most important integration of your space (at least, if you want to stay open for long). Depending on your region, you’ll need to find the right payment provider for your customers. Here are some options that you might want to consider:

  • Stripe - A streamlined way to manage card payments
  • GoCardless - A system that brings European-style bank transfers to a global audience
  • Paypal - One of the most adaptable and global payment systems, Paypal has been a fixture of payment processing for years
  • Adyen - Another payment service that operates seamlessly with a number of other pieces of tech you might have in your space.

Access control

Another essential piece in setting up a streamlined space, this also depends heavily on what region of the world you’re located in. Here are some good options to consider:


What would a coworking space be without printing? Many operators choose to forego a printer integration, but it only takes one person abusing the honor system for the whole thing to fall apart. The best way to prevent someone from breaking your trust is to set up a functioning printer integration before anyone has the chance!

  • ezeep has a host of tools that coworking operators can use to ensure that they have the right setup for their space. There are options for variable pricing, multiple printers, and fixed free sheets.


Everything that you have to do by hand is something that takes away your time. What’s less useful for you than entering email addresses into a newsletter service? Put your time to better use by having your new members automatically entered into your Mailchimp database.


Don’t see what you were really hoping for on this list? You should look into Zapier! For every small task, there’s a way to make your own integration using their “zaps.” We've heard from spaces that use it for everything from making onboarding simpler or making a coffee “robot.”

Remember, getting started in coworking is about more than setting up your space to look nice. It’s about setting up the infrastructure that will allow you to grow without losing time for the most important part of any coworking space: Spending time with you members!

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