Join us at Cobot

Cobot is the leading management platform for coworking spaces. We support hundreds of spaces all over the world by automating members onboarding, payments, bookings and more. Join our team and help spaces ranging from small creative spaces in Berlin over rural workspaces in the countryside of France to large hubs with thousands of people in New Delhi or San Francisco.


We’re a bootstrapped company, operating since 2006, meaning we’re a stable company with no external investors or stakeholders. This allows everyone to actively shape the product, and contribute to the success of the team in a very direct way.

Horizontal Leadership

Cobot is horizontally organized and everyone is encouraged to take ownership of their projects and issues are solved collaboratively. Our team consists of nine employees and freelancers working together from our coworking space co.up in Berlin Kreuzberg. We value everyone’s questions, insights and feedback.

Meaningful Work

Cobot is a proud pioneer of the global coworking community and we play a key role in driving new models of work forward. To learn more about our core values check out our Cobot Manifesto.

Diversity & Inclusion

We value diversity in all aspects of our team and are committed towards creating a more diverse workplace by recruiting people regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, socioeconomic status, disability, religious beliefs and marital or parental status.

Life-Work Balance

We push the boundaries of technology, not sleep. We believe that we work better when we’re rested. Each person can take initiative to create their own work schedule in which they feel more alert and comfortable. We also offer generous paid vacation days and a parental leave policy.

Continuous Learning

We encourage self development and foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning. We will to pay for your education, i.e. conferences, books, courses, etc.

Tools of the Trade

Choose your own hardware and gear.

The Team

We are a team of experienced developers, designers, marketing and support staff that enjoy working and learning from each other – and share some free chocolate. We also have plenty of fun together, especially during our bi-annual company retreats.


We work from co.up our own coworking space located Kreuzberg, Berlin – the coolest neighborhood in one of the world’s most exciting cities. At co.up different people and companies work together or on their own projects. Some of our local activities include events, workshops, talks, and of course, parties.

Our office is equipped with good desks (standing desks also available), ergonomic chairs, stability balls and daylight lamps for the winter times.


Yes, please! We offer competitive salaries for all positions.

Open Positions

You can view our open positions at

Even if we currently don’t have any open positions, we are always interested in getting to know people who share our values and passion for building great digital products. If you have ideas on how to make Cobot better, let’s chat – you can reach us at