Cobot is looking for an addition to our sales & support team!

Cobot is a management platform for coworking spaces. Coworking spaces worldwide use us to manage their members, collect payments, book conference rooms, and many other things related to running a coworking space. Our focus is on ease of use and delivering great support. Our customers range from tiny spaces with only a few members to large accelerators with thousands of people.

We’re a bootstrapped company, operating since 2006 from our coworking space, co.up, in Berlin Kreuzberg. We’re a small team of seven people, meaning very little management, lots of freedom, and self-directed work.

Our team values working at a healthy pace and a normal working day over long hours late into the night. We foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning. If something’s worth fixing or improving, it should be fixed or improved. Making mistakes is part of what we do, and we make sure we have each other’s backs and learn from them.

We value diversity in all aspects of our team. We value everyone’s questions, insights and feedback.

What you’ll be doing

Keeping in close contact with the spaces and helping them get up to speed on Cobot is a big part of your role. Our strong customer support is a big reason why spaces stay with us for years and years! You will be daily in contact with spaces from all over the world to answer questions, sort through bugs, and on-board them onto the software platform.

  • Support via our support chat, which is much more interactive than email
  • On-boarding calls (we call them getting started sessions) with new interested spaces of all shapes and sizes
  • Two evenings a week where you can have 2-3 hours available for phone calls with customers and handle support questions for spaces in the US / Australia / etc.
  • Identifying bugs and forwarding them to the technical team.
  • Feedback on product development because you have the insight you gained through your work with the customers
  • Developing written and visual support material – our FAQs, our video guides, tour, etc.

What you bring

  • English (fluent, written and spoken) – this is our team language and the primary language we use with our customers
  • Spanish or another major language (not required, but a plus!) – we serve quite a few Latin American / Spanish speaking spaces
  • Experience in customer support or marketing
  • Familiarity with Coworking or Flexible Workspaces is a plus (especially if you have done any management or coordination of a space)
  • Basic familiarity with with programming (setup your own website, etc). Again – not required but a plus

What we offer you

  • flexible work hours (work when you want as long as you coordinate it with the rest of the team)
  • flexible work place (you should come to our coworking space at least once/twice a week, but everything else is up to you)
  • fair compensation
  • 25 days paid vacation per year
  • bi-annual company retreat in a nice place
  • a team of experienced colleagues to work with and learn from (we want our employees to develop personally while working for us)

Please email a few words about yourself, your experience and why we should hire you to