What is Cobot

Cobot is a web-based management application made specifically for coworking that has been successfully helping spaces and communities of all sizes across five continents for over five years. We started Cobot in 2010 out of the necessity to manage our own coworking space co.up. Driven by the interest of other spaces it quickly grew into a major product for our company. Since then spaces and coworkers from around 30 countries signed up to Cobot. Today almost 30,000 coworkers enjoy the benefits of our software.

Who makes Cobot?

Cobot is made by Upstream-Agile GmbH, a software agency based in Berlin. We started in 2006 as a software consultancy. In 2008 we opened our coworking space, co.up, as one of the first in Berlin. co.up quickly became a central hub for user groups and other initiatives, hosting free and open events for the local community. By now these take place almost every day. With the success of our space, the management became more and more time-consuming. This motivated us to create Cobot in the beginning of 2010. More and more spaces started using it over the next years. Today, hundreds of spaces of all sizes are using Cobot.

The Team

Alex Alexander Lang


Programming, Product Management, Support
Entrepreneur and Developer since his teenage years

Thilo Thilo Utke


Programming, Support, Finance, Networker

Aleks Aleks Pēkšēna


Support, Community Manager
Runs our coworking space, co.up.

Conny Conny Stephan


Public Relations / Marketing / Sales

Katharina Katharina Mehner


Graphic and Web Designer

Sarina Sarina Ruiter-Bouwhuis



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