What is Cobot?

Cobot is a web-based management application made specifically for coworking and that is successfully helping spaces and communities of all sizes across the five continents for over three years.

Why Cobot?

Cobot was started in 2010 out of the necessity to manage our own coworking space co.up, but driven by the interest of other spaces, quickly grew into a major product for our company.

We work on developing the best system for coworking management, taking over all the routine tasks that can be automated, so that our users can focus on what matters.
The core principles of Cobot are simplicity and ease of use. Cobot is not a generic ERP, billing or CRM system; it is specifically made to fit the needs of coworking spaces. Instead of creating a complex system that can do everything we distill our experiences into a lean product with features that matter. That makes Cobot not only more appealing, but also much easier to learn and understand.

Cobot aims to be the one tool for coworking spaces, no matter their size or their location. This is an ongoing effort, and we update Cobot regularly to keep meeting the requirements of small and big spaces, as well as networks with multiple locations. New features and integrations are released regularly and Cobot has been adapted to specific country needs whenever needed as well as available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese, and we welcome the community contribution to adapt Cobot to other languages and countries.

How is Cobot helping coworking space managers?


Cobot accurately logs activity/attendance in the space, keeps track of invoices and monitors incoming/outstanding payments. Cobot provides a clear and automatic overview of how business is going, which makes it easy to monitor the ‘financial health’ of a coworking space and optimize business processes.


Cobot provides managers with automated processes, which takes tasks off their hands or makes them easier. This frees up time for them to focus on what they really want to spend time on: their coworking community.


Cobot provides content on how to improve processes and fun & interesting ideas for running the coworking space (by way of the blogs and newsletters).

How is Cobot helping coworkers?

Membership overview

Cobot offers a clear overview of what your membership plan consists of and what personal settings have been registered with the coworking space. In addition, you can purchase extra day passes and view past invoices.

Access Coworking space

Cobot offers information on the coworking space, which makes it easier for coworkers to find their way. With the booking calendar, Cobot offers a way to see what resources are available, when they are available and how much they cost - and to book them.


Cobot offers an overview of details on fellow coworkers, which enables coworkers to contact and interact with each other.

What does Cobot look like?

Space home and sign-up

Manager’s dashboard

Booking Calendar

Invoicing overview

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Who makes Cobot?

Cobot is made by Upstream-Agile GmbH, a software agency based in Berlin. We started in 2006 as a software consultancy. In 2008 we opened our coworking space co.up as one of the first in Berlin. Co.up quickly became a central hub for user groups and other initiatives, hosting free and open events for the local community. By now these take place almost every day.

With the success of our space the management became more and more time consuming. This motivated us to create Cobot in the beginning of 2010. More and more spaces starting using it over the next years. Today hundreds of spaces of all sizes are using Cobot across all continents.

The Team

Alexander Lang, Director

Programming, Product Management, Support
Entrepreneur and Developer since his teenage years

Cristina Santamarina

Sales, Marketing, Support
Former Head of Billing for Europe, Global Operations Project Manager in the business center industry

Thilo Utke, Director

Programming, Support, Finance

Aleksandra Pekšana

Support, Community Manager
Runs our coworking space co.up.

Sarina Ruiter-Bouwhuis


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