Cobot is a management platform for coworking spaces and serviced offices.

Effortless onboarding

Space home plans signup

Your space gets
a customizable homepage.

New members
select their plan ...

... and sign up online without any paperwork.

Automatic payment processing.

Members can book meeting rooms online and update their details.

Automated billing


Automatic membership
fee collection.

Charges for
meeting room rental...

... and day passes
bought online.

Credit card
already charged.



Members can book desks, meeting rooms and equipment online.


Member list questionnaire custom fields

All your members'
details in one spot.

Collect information
from new members.

Add custom fields.

Wifi Integration

Captive portal day passes attendance

Only registered members
can go online.

Automatic check-in and day pass tracking.

Cobot knows how many people come in each day.

Add-ons & API

Events coworkers reminders code

Customize Cobot so it does exctly what you need.

This is our
event management app.

This one adds a directory of member profiles.

Reminders sends emails before invoices are due.

Our API enables develpers to create custom add-ons and apps.

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