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There’s a lot of top-quality coworking content out there, but you’re a busy person and it’s hard to figure out what’s worth spending your hard-earned reading time on. Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a few of the best places to start your coworking journey, whether you’re looking for data-driven insights or heartfelt tales from coworkers, we’ve got the right place for you.

Dangerously Awesome

Alex Hillman has been involved in coworking from the very beginning from his space IndyHall in Philadelphia. Dive into the archives to learn about the practicalities and everyday realities of running a coworking space, in addition to thoughts on the big-picture of why coworking is so important.

Coworking Resources

You might have seen Coworking Resources if you’ve poked around Google for coworking news and resources (as would make sense). Well it’s not just a SEO calibrated title, it’s also an accurate description of the content and form that the website takes. Their archive has pieces from coworking operators, scholars, vendors, and coworking enthusiasts.

Coworking Insights

Coworking Insights is one of the original resources for coworking trend analysis. They’ve been looking at the ways that coworking interacts with office space providers, the real estate industry, freelance statistics, and more. It’s methodical and forward-looking, but they often feature interviews from some of the biggest players in the coworking world.

Cat Johnson’s Blog

If there’s a master storyteller of the coworking movement, Cat Johnson has a strong claim to that title. She’s been putting out a moving vision of the new world of work for years, leaving no doubt as to her insights, innovations, and grasp of what drove so many of us into coworking in the first place.

Cobot Blog

And of course, we too have a blog! This is where we compile coworking resources, stories, conference recaps, expert interviews, and a whole section dedicated to Spanish-language content. Have you ever been interested in the intersection of coworking values, successful strategies for running a space, and personal stories that illustrate why it all matters? Then give it a look!

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