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We really love each and every one of the conferences we attend! But if you’re just getting started and want to know what kind of conferences to keep an eye out for, here are a few to keep an eye on, along with some of our team’s thoughts. Though on one hand, since most of these are currently online-only, you won’t get the full travel experience, but on the other hand, this virtual conference wave means that you can get the benefits of far more conferences that would have been previously inaccessible.

Important note! These aren’t listed in a particular order, if you want to know which one is best for you, read the description; we’ve outlined a few things that can help you decide which conferences are right for you.

GCUC - USA UK Canada China

GCUC, short for the Global Coworking Unconference Conference and pronounced “juicy,” is a global, year-round conference circuit.

Why we like it: We love the number of voices that get to participate here, and the way they take a practical look at the realities of running coworking spaces. Their unconferences take the huge crowd and allow for you to check out the relevant topics to you. They’ve demonstrated their commitment to values we like such as accessibility and diversity, including adopting a modified version of the Coworking Code of Conduct.

Who it’s best for: Coworking operators who are looking to connect with their community and have questions that they’d like to discuss with that community.

CU Asia

We love this conference, and it’s for more than just their incredible locations. Which are incredible. But it’s got so much more!

Why we like it: A truly international event, you’ll meet people from all around the world and realize just how much of your own coworking experience is limited by where you’re located. And based off of that, how you can positively change your own practices and outlook.

Who it’s best for: It’s undoubtedly a luxury to be able to get to their locations (the last three were held in Indonesia, Thailand, and India). But it’s a luxury that pays off in many ways. If you’re curious about global coworking or want to bounce ideas off of people who have vastly different coworking experiences, this is the unconference for you.

Coworking Europe

Europe’s largest coworking conference brings together industry insiders and outsiders to discuss the past, present, and future of European coworking.

Why we like it: There are lots of opportunities for professional growth here, and many of Europe’s leading coworking spaces and researchers attend the conference. They’ve also adopted the Coworking Code of Conduct.

Who it’s best for: Are you looking for a very social conference? This is for you. You’ll get the opportunity to talk with people you’ve read about online over food and drinks.


A collection of coworking professionals from across Latin America working toward the development of the shared space industry.

Why we like it: Latin America is often overlooked when we talk about global coworking. And yet it offers a wide variety of absolutely incredible spaces taking exciting steps to bring coworking to a wider audience. They’re another adopter of the Coworking Code of Conduct.

Who it’s best for: It’s a primarily Spanish-language conference so you’ll need to be fluent in Spanish. But if you can get past that hurdle, it’s worth you time if you’re at all interested in the LATAM market.

Global Workspace Association Conference (GWA)

The Global Workspace Association is a leader in the coworking industry because of its high-powered speakers, events, and all-around insider access to many notable coworking and coworking-adjacent companies.

Why we like it: When you’re at GWA, you’re surrounded by people demonstrating not only the viability of coworking, but actively looking for new avenues to build up the industry.

Who it’s for: It’s the kind of place where the attendees wear “business casual,” so if you’re the kind of person who gravitates toward the upscale coworking market, this might be the right place for you.

Notable mentions:

Coworking Spain

One of our teams favorite conferences to attend, and not just because it’s always held in beautiful locations—it’s a great example of how to turn a regional conference international.

Cowork Germany

Taking place in off-the-beaten-path locations, this conference highlights the diversity and unique nature of the German coworking industry. It’s entirely in German, so the language barrier will keep some away, but if you can make it there’s lots to discover about one of the world’s most developed coworking markets.

Cowork Buzz

It may be a small conference in terms of attendance, but this Portuguese conference makes its mark in terms of program quality.


The Coworking and Coliving Conference South Eastern Europe stands out by delivering a powerful example of how countries can use coworking to add to their appeal in the face difficulties.

Coworking Conference Nigeria

Nigeria is a hotspot of coworking in Africa, and this conference is a place where experts from across the continent can meet and demonstrate that they aren’t simply following trends, they’re leading them.

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