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The Hot Water Podcast

The Hot Water podcast is the latest output from Coworkies, one of our favorite organizations focused on connecting coworking communities and revealing interesting and unexpected insights. This podcast focuses on long-form interviews with interesting people from both inside and outside the coworking world, which helps provide valuable context and ideas that avoid the obvious.

Note: we’re a sponsor of this podcast.

The Workplace Trends Podcast

Liz Elam is the Executive Producer and Founder of GCUC, one of the largest and most influential coworking conferences in the world. This podcast focuses on design and workplace trends (hence the name) and in their first season already managed to snag some influential names in coworking.

Everything Coworking

The giant of the coworking-podcast world, Everything Coworking is a one-stop-shop for insights from operators, vendors, and experts from all over the world. Their content and production values are top-notch. A great option for those who are looking for professional insights from industry leaders, their content aims at more traditional real estate coworking operators.

Coworking Out Loud

Led by Cat Johnson, Coworking Out Loud is a fun and personal introduction to coworking. The conversations strike a good balance between the personal and big-picture aspects of coworking, as the host easily navigates both her experiences working from coworking spaces with her professional role as a coworking consultant.

Coworking Insights Podcast

More interested in some numbers? Here’s where to go. This recently-started podcast is all about data and optimizing your space based on a thorough analysis of coworking numbers. And with each episode coming in at just around ten minutes they’re perfectly timed to produce maximum insights for your limited time.

The Future of Work Podcast

Recently launched, this podcast is focused on future of work issues like proptech trends, big data, content marketing, and predictions for the future.

The Coworking Weekly Show

Sadly, this podcast has been inactive since 2017. But don’t let that stop you from digging into the archives! Alex Hillman from IndyHall found a way to dive into the concerns and aspirations of coworking operators like no one else, and managed to keep it entertaining, relevant, and personal. Whether you’re looking for advice, recommendations, or just want a feel for what it means to operate a coworking space, this is the podcast to check out.

Coworking Values Podcast

Interested in the intersection of coworking, values, and podcasts? This is your spot! Hosted by Bernie J Mitchell, coworking consultant, and all-around coworking expert, each episode covers a different interview with a coworking professional from somewhere new. If you want easily-digestible and often remarkable coworking stories, then this is a great bet for you!

Note: we’re a sponsor of this podcast.

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