The following add-ons are available to Cobot users:


Visit Add-on Accounting CSV export

Lets you export your invoices' line items as separate rows in a CSV file.

Install Add-on Charges

Lists all the space's charges/credits per month

Visit Add-on Member Engagement

Shows the check-ins for every member in a list.

Install Add-on Member Extras

Lists the members of a space and what extras they have booked.

Install Add-on Members due

Shows a list of members whose invoice is due in the next 30 days.

Visit Add-on Members not paid

Lists members and whether they have paid all their invoices.

Visit Add-on Members' last Check-ins

Lists the last check-in date for each member of a space.

Install Add-on Plan Changes

Lists the plan changes of all members in a space.

Install Add-on Plans over time

Shows a table with the no. of members and their plan over time.

Install Add-on Rent Roll

Shows a spreadsheet of members and who has paid/not paid which month.

Visit Add-on Unused time passes

Shows how many time passes each member has left.


Visit Add-on Bots

A platform for developing Cobot add-ons fast and easily using only JavaScript in the browser.

Install Add-on Companies

Lists all the companies in a space.

Install Add-on Coworkers

Member profiles for coworking spaces. Provides a member list that can be emedded in the coworking space's website.

Install Add-on Events

Lets a space list events in a calendar. Members can attend events and pay via Cobot.

Visit Add-on Expiring Time Passes

This add-on expires unused time passes after a configurable amount of time.

Install Add-on Member Check-In

Makes manual attendance tracking easier and faster by providing a list of members and their check-in staus.

Install Add-on Notifications

Sends email notifications to space admins for various events.

Visit Add-on Office Space

This software allows coworking space managers to keep track of members renting resources. Resources can be desks, offices, lockers or anything else.

Visit Add-on Quickcharge

A service to quickly enter large numbers of one-time charges.

Visit Add-on RFID

Lets you set up a computer with an RFID reader so that members can check in by swiping a card.

Visit Add-on Reminders

Sends an email to each member of a space a number of days before the next invoice is due.

Install Add-on Time Pass Vouchers

Lets admins generate voucher codes that members can redeem on Cobot for time passes.

Install Add-on Tip Jar

Allows members to add charges to their account, for example to pay for a coffee. Adds itself to the member section of your space.


Visit Add-on Cobot Plans for Facebook

With Cobot Plans for Facebook you can show your membership plans on your Facebook page with just a view clicks.

Install Add-on Display Quickbooks Invoices

Imports invoice and payment records from Quickbooks via CSV files and displays them to admins and members on Cobot.

Visit Add-on Google Calendar Sync

Synchronizes the Cobot booking calendar with Google Calendar. Works both ways.

Visit Add-on Mailchimp Newsletters

Automatically adds new members on Cobot to your email lists on Mailchimp.

Install Add-on Xero CSV Export

Exports monthly invoices to a CSV that can be imported by the Xero accounting software (

Did not find what you are looking for? Contact us, we can develop add-ons for you.

What are add-ons?

Cobot add-ons allow you to extend and customize the functionality of Cobot for your space.

You can use the add-ons on the left immediately. If you require a custom add-on please contact us.

Want us to share your add-on?

Developers can write an add-on and submit it to us for inclusion in the directory.

Anyone can develop their own custom add-on for their own use via our API.

Manage Add-ons

To manage your add-ons go to the clients list.