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Add-on Directory

The following add-ons are available to Cobot users.


Integrates Cobot with the Accounto accounting software. Pushes invoices to Accounto and synchronizes the paid status back to Cobot.
Contact support to set this add-on up.

Ezeep Printing

Ezeep allows you track and charge for your members' printing.
This add-on synchronizes your Cobot with your ezeep account, so that new members are automatically set up to print.

Fattura PA / Italy e-invoicing

This add-on exports your Cobot invoices to the Fattura PA XML format as required in Italy since 1/2019.

Google Calendar Sync

Synchronizes the Cobot booking calendar with Google Calendar. Works both ways.

Mailchimp Newsletters

Mailchimp is an email campaign/newsletter tool. Our add-on automatically adds new members on Cobot to your email lists on Mailchimp.

Quickbooks CSV Export

Lets you export your invoices' line items as separate rows in a CSV file for import


Sensorberg is a door access system that enables you to grant mobile access to coworkers. Set up access for members on your Cobot plans and define multiple time frames to fully automate your access control.

Slack Chat

Automatically invites members to your account. Slack is a team chat app, providing group chats, private messages, file uploads, mobile apps and much more.

Tapkey + Discount!

Tapkey enables you to grant mobile access to coworkers. Set up rules for plans and define access areas to fully automate your access control.

Xero CSV Export

Exports monthly invoices to a CSV that can be imported by the Xero accounting software (


Zapier gives you the power to integrate Cobot with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

get KISI

KISI is a door access control system. Our integration keeps your Cobot members up-to-date with your KISI database.



Lists all the space's charges/credits per month

Member Cancellations

Shows a list of cancellations by month plus CSV file download.

Member Engagement

Shows the check-ins for every member in a list.

Member Extras

Lists the members of a space and what extras they have booked.

Member's Plans Over Time

Shows the plans with length of membership for each active member. Option to hide certain plan types.

Members Due

Shows a list of members whose invoice is due in the next 30 days.

Members Not Paid

Lists members and whether they have paid all their invoices.

Members' last Check-ins

Lists the last check-in date for each member of a space.

New Members

Shows a list of new members by month plus CSV file download.

Plan Changes

Lists the plan changes of all members in a space.

Plans Over Time

Shows a table with the no. of members and their plan over time.

Rent Roll

Shows a spreadsheet of members and who has paid/not paid which month.

Unused Time Passes

Shows how many time passes each member has left.



Lists all the companies in a space.

Custom Fields

Shows all members and their custom fields in a table.


Lets a space list events in a calendar. Members can attend events and pay via Cobot.


This software allows coworking space managers to keep track of members renting inventory. Inventory can be desks, offices, lockers or anything else.

Meeting Room Display

This add-on can be used on a tablet mounted next to a meeting room to show upcoming bookings.

Member Check-In

Makes manual attendance tracking easier and faster by providing a list of members and their check-in status.

Member Questions

Lists all members and their custom questions/answers.


Sends email notifications to space admins for various events.

Other Members Checked In

Shows your members a list of checked in members (checking in happens manually or via Netbox/Cloudessa)


A service to quickly enter large numbers of one-time charges.


Lets you set up a computer with an RFID reader so that members can check in by swiping a card.


Sends an email to each member of a space a number of days before the next invoice is due.

Time Pass Vouchers

Lets admins generate voucher codes that members can redeem on Cobot for time passes.

Tip Jar

Allows members to add charges to their account, for example to pay for a coffee. Adds itself to the member section of your space.

What are Add-ons?

Cobot add-ons allow you to extend and customize the functionality of Cobot for your space.

You can use the add-ons on the left immediately. If you require a custom add-on please contact us.

Want us to share your Add-on?

Developers can write an add-on and submit it to us for inclusion in the directory.

Anyone can develop their own custom add-on for their own use via our API.

Manage Add-ons

To manage your Add-ons go to the clients list.