The following apps are available to Cobot users:

Visit App Accounting CSV export

Lets you export your invoices' line items as separate rows in a CSV file.

Auto-Confirm Coworkers

This script automatically confirms new members on cobot when they sign up. If you don't want the usual confirmation step by a space admin this is for you. Please contact us if you want to use it.

Visit App Calendar Sync (Liquidspace/Google Calendar)

This app syncs events from services like Google Calendar or Liquidspace to the Cobot booking calendar.

Visit App Cobot Plans for Facebook

With Cobot Plans for Facebook you can show your membership plans on your Facebook page with just a view clicks.

Visit App Coworkers

Member profiles for coworking spaces. Provides a member list that can be emedded in the coworking space's website.

Visit App Events

Lets a space list events in a calendar. Members can attend events and pay via Cobot.

Visit App Expiring Day Passes

This app expires unused day passes after a configurable amount of time.

Visit App Little Bots

A platform for developing Cobot apps fast and easily using only JavaScript in the browser.

Visit App Maitre

Makes manual attendance tracking easier and faster by providing a list of members and their check-in staus.

Visit App Member Engagement

Shows the check-ins for every member in a list.

Visit App Members due

Shows a list of members whose invoice is due in the next 7 days.

Visit App Members not paid

Lists members and whether they have paid all their invoices.

Visit App Members' last Check-ins

Lists the last check-in date for each member of a space.

Visit App Notifications

Sends email notifications to space admins for various events.

Visit App Office Space

This software allows coworking space managers to keep track of members renting resources. Resources can be desks, offices, lockers or anything else.

Visit App Plans over time

Shows a table with the no. of members and their plan over time.

Visit App Quickcharge

A service to quickly enter large numbers of one-time charges.

Visit App Reminders

Sends an email to each member of a space a number of days before the next invoice is due.

Visit App Rent Roll

Shows a spreadsheet of members and who has paid/not paid which month.

Visit App RFID

Lets you set up a computer with an RFID reader so that members can check in by swiping a card.

Visit App Unused time passes

Shows how many time passes each member has left.

Visit App Xero CSV Export

Exports monthly invoices to a CSV that can be imported by the Xero accounting software (

Did not find what you are looking for? Contact us, we can develop apps for you.

What are apps?

Cobot apps allow you to extend and customize the functionality of Cobot for your space.

You can use the apps on the left immediately. If you require a custom app please contact us.

Want us to share your app?

Developers can write an app and submit it to us for inclusion in the directory.

Anyone can develop their own custom app for their own use via our API.

Manage Apps

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